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The Big Ass Series” (TBAS) was began in 2013 as a part of my painterly collage approach to my art.  It began primarily because I had to paint much smaller than I would  normally because of my new living accommodation.  I moved from a very large out of town studio space to a much smaller studio space in New York City.  So most of these works are about 18 x 24 or smaller but more affordable.

I really LOVE working in this genre and style; so much so that I think about it daily and feel like a new artist every day in my journey to discovering it’s power.  I am constantly rediscovering myself with new innovations and ideas.  I see my work differently and I am happy.

The subject for this series is called “the big ass”.  I will let you interpret your own conclusion of it’s meaning.



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New Works of art in my newly developed painterly collage style


“Man of Today”

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New Works

Haters 1

“Stagger Lee”


“Water Persistence”

Michael’s Recent Interviews on “Access”


Thelma Harris Gallery in Oakland is now showing my paintings.

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My artworks are in the NYC Art Expo this week with the Fine Art Magazine booth #527.

April 23-26, 2015 @ Pier 94


Welcome to the art website of Michael J. Singletary.  Michael is a New York artist.  His art has evolved into different stages from the photorealism of the ’70’s to his more contemporary approach of using painting, collage and abstract realism together in a new style for the new millennium.  This has culminated into painting such as his “BLACK BITCH” and his 8 foot painting “KING OF POP” and the tall painting entitled, “THE PRETENDERS”.  Michael paintings are usually large, over 5 feet and can be over 18 feet as with his “KAREEM”.

In 1971, returning to the U.S. after studying abroad, Michael Singletary made the following statement:  "My artwork is a ‘Visual Improvisation’ that reflects the inner humanity of my soul whether on the streets of SOHO, Paris, Harlem, or anywhere in America.  My artwork is consistently changing, as I do not adhere to any social, political or visual style, persuasion or definition of ‘what my art is’. I try to use the human figure to visually explain the universal expression of the human dilemma whether happy, sad or ‘just there’.  In other words, l am a painter raised in the traditions of the old masters with the freedoms of expression and experimentation and modern attitudes of my contemporaries. Therefore, I am a painter. . . who paints everything. . . . with no excuses on how it is received."

That statement still holds true today, just as there is a common thread that runs through all of my art. That thread is still weaving its way through the boundaries of creativity and time, trying to find the edge that will unite humanity.

Michael, who was born in New York, NY, held the position of producer/associate director for CBS Radio/Television for over 35 years.  His work has been featured in Spike Lee films, on the Cosby Show, and the Guiding Light and on the CDs of many noted musicians.  He has exhibited in over 300 venues throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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The “painterly collage” series which probably began when artist Michael J. Singletary was an art student of Benny Andrews while was studying as a young teenager at the New School for Social Research.  Benny took him to his studio and introduced him to his painting entitled “The Boxer”.  Michael was so impressed that he never forgot it.  He has since been over whelming influence by friend and mentor the late Romare Bearden.  It was at the Whitney Museum of American Art retrospective of Romare’s work about 10 years ago that Michael began researching every thing he could about Bearden’s paintings and influences.  Although, it is not painted in the style of Bearden, all of the essential elements were influencial to the development of Michael new style, “the painterly collage”.  Michael new works are also inspired by Pablo Picasso..

“Sleeping Church”    78x60

Painterly Collage(s)”

Michael talks in the “Creative Speaking” Series  


Michael is on the “FINE ART MAGAZINE” winter 2013 issue